TimeTo - Do do Recurring Tasks

With TimeTo you'll know when is the time to do every task.

  • All your tasks, to do list, reminders and habits in 1 feed

  • Divide tasks into groups

  • Always know when was the last time the task was done

  • Habits will show their progress

  • Order your tasks as you want (automatic ordering of a field or manual ordering )

  • Priority system to present the most important tasks at the top

  • View your task details

  • Visualize your tasks history, during the selected period

  • Write notes on task during completion will add the note to the task history record

  • Full history for task completion

  • Swipe right to mark a task as done, or to add notes

  • Swipe left to schedule a task for tomorrow

  • Long press on a task for multiple delay options

  • Recurring tasks: completion period and quantity 

  • Days: select the relevant days for a task.

  • Reminders: time reminder, location and smart reminder

  • Priority, number, location and time of day

  • List

  • Follow-up tasks

  • tags

  • Track your daily Progress

  • view your completion history

  • View daily, weekly monthly and yearly statistics for tasks or groups of tasks.

  • Select the group you want to analyze

  • Every group is assigned a different color, to help you divide the tasks

  • Every task icon can be changed.


a. Click to create task, log click for sub menu
b. Search - shoe/hide search box
c. settings menu


Click on group, to filter your tasks only to selected group, click on group again to cancel the filter

a. Task name - long press on task to open menu
b. T
ask icon

c. Last time the task was done

d. Next schedule 

e. Task attribute 


f. Swipe right to mark task as done
g. Swipe right and select note, to mark task as done and adding note


h. swipe left to set task schedule for tomorrow​


1. Show/hide filter menu

2. Automatic/manual task order menu

3. Show/hide group selection

4. Choose the group order

5. Open full settings menu


1. Set task schedule for today

2. Open edit tasks window

3. Open sub menu to set schedule 

4. If task has sub list, open edit window

5. Mark task as done


1. Task name

2. Task icon, and the task group

3. Schedule for the task

4. Recurrence - task completion will set new schedule, there are 2 types of recurrence:

 -  completion period: set the next schedule when the task should be completed.

 - quantity in period: set number of times the task will be preformed during time.

5. The days the task relevant for

6. Text that will be shown in task view


a. Get notified on specific time 

b. Get notified when entering location

c. Get notified by new task number of days before you need to do your task.​

d. low, medium and high priority

e. Prioritize a task when entering a location

f. Prioritize task on specific time of day


h. When you mark a task as done, select the item to remove it from the list you can always

i. Marking a task as done will change the status of the follow-up

j. when a task is done you can add tags , to differentiate history records

k. When task done, remove schedule, and return the task to the feed


1. Task name

2. Task icon and details

3. Switch between day, week, month and year in the usage chart

4. Usage chart 

5. Add new history record

6. History record swipe left to edit

1. Open app settings

2. Open group filter, to select the group to show in charts

3. Switch between day, week, month and year in the usage chart

4. Statistics charts


1. Open app settings

2. Your daily progress

3. Task completed today